The Alchimies group works to limit its environmental impact


From the production to the life of the parts and machines of the Alchimies group, all of our activity is part of a process of respect for the environment.


All the companies in the Alchimies group, but also actors outside the group.



Across all Alchemy production sites and their catchment areas.


From the birth of the various projects and products of the group, to the end of life of the machines and parts produced.


Alchimies invites you to join its environmental approach by taking back your 3D printer, as well as your unstained objects, to give them a second life.

How much

This service is offered to you absolutely free of charge. By recycling and reconditioning machines and materials, all production and consumption chains are the winners.


Additive manufacturing aims to be one of the pillars of the industry of the future. To guarantee its sustainability, it must act with respect for its environment, in order to be integrated into a logic of sustainable development.