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" The ASBL Saulnois Innovation " carries the implementation of the development plan of the Saulnois Innovation cluster: "The counter of innovators and pioneers of the 21st century for digital and climatic transitions ... in Saulnois" .

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Saulnois Innovation is a third-place for open research and innovation whose objectives are:

  • Support digital, climatic and ecological transitions;

  • Develop economic activity and the number of jobs;

  • Strengthen the social and territorial link and the added value of activities and services, products and technologies…: the search for quality as a vector of performance;

  • Develop, on a regional scale, a culture of collaborative innovation among residents, pupils and students, communities and public establishments, businesses, associations, etc.

  • Boost existing and emerging innovation projects;

  • Develop new products and services;

  • Boost partnerships and knowledge sharing with similar actors, competent institutions, etc.

  • Develop the skills of assets and businesses in the area;

  • Optimize access to finance.

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As a member of the management committee of ASBL Saulnois Innovation, Open Edge participates in this dynamic.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The ASBL Saulnois Innovation conducts its action by relying on:

  • collaborative governance organized around a strategic orientation and governance committee and an executive steering committee;

  • 2 functional structures led by internal and shared engineering:

    • a network of collaborative innovation platforms : additive manufacturing & digital processes, agronomic & food transitions, sustainable aquaculture & percidae breeding farms, energy transitions
      & biorefinery;

    • a Fab Living Lab , in network with innovation platforms and local third places, whose management was delegated to Open Edge on October 9, 2018 (DSP agreement awarded by the city of Dieuze, initiator and then carrier of the Saulnois cluster Innovation).

The Saulnois Fab Living Lab is an adaptation and networking of the Lorraine Fab Living Lab ® of the University of Lorraine, a long-standing partner of the Saulnois Innovation cluster and member of the executive of the ASBL Saulnois Innovation.


In this functional and contractual framework steered by the ASBL Saulnois Innovation , Open Edge makes its expertise in additive manufacturing and its skills (innovation through use, complex project management, etc.) available to stakeholders in the territory by proposing: training, state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment in delegated management, reception facilities for teleworkers and entrepreneurs in the project incubation phase.

Open Edge can also, if necessary, offer monitoring of research projects related to the engineering of ASBL Saulnois Innovation and its partner organizations and interconnected with: the collaborative innovation platforms of ASBL Saulnois Innovation , university laboratories and partner incubation structures.

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Shared spaces where creative and innovative profiles meet and exchange ideas and skills



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Spaces and support dedicated to project leaders wishing to benefit from the synergy of the third place for the development of their activity

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Support for companies and project leaders in their research and development phase


Equipped with standard and state-of-the-art machines and tools, this communal space welcomes all types of public to carry out projects

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